Hi there! I’m Tobias. Link to heading

I’m an enthusiastic software developer living in Sweden. I love building things with technology that brings value to people.

From the beginning… Link to heading

My programming journey began in the early 2000’s, while still in high school, I taught myself basic web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and classic ASP (when that was still a thing, sort of).

After I finished my education in 2010, I got a job as a web developer for a marketing/communication agency, where we were primarily building websites for clients using PHP and WordPress. I was also responsible for ensuring that our internal server infrastructure was running smoothly, it was here that I found the joy of using Linux (which our server infrastructure was using).

From there, in late 2012, I joined a team building the business platform used by a large national retail chain in the home improvement sector. Here my focus was to build and maintain our iOS enterprise application (using Objective-C), build the infrastructure for our data ingestion pipelines, and help to build the web application as well as the APIs (using PHP, MySQL, and ExtJS). As we were a rather small team, we quickly found that in order to be able to maintain and improve the system over time the use of automated pipelines were required. This also reduced the risk with new releases and improved the autonomy of the development team.

At work… Link to heading

And now, since 2017, I work as a Principal Engineer at a consulting company, where one of our primary focus is to build and maintain different products in, among others, the health care and educational sectors. My role also includes introducing more DevOps practices into our workflow, managing our server infrastructure as well as maintaining and improving our CI/CD infrastructure.